Monday, March 11, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is Paying: SKYPE training available

I got news came from facebook page from unitedpaycheck that they started today training through SKYPE room for those don't understand how this program works. I'm almost in profit for this program even few of my referrals invested because they are afraid to take the risk or don't understand how to make money. At the end of the month, I will receive my $500 investment from this program. The news received from this program;


"Monday Surprise"

Dear Affiliates,

On popular demand from Affiliates all across the world, United Paycheck is going to start a SKYPE training and development room very soon.

This room will solely be for training and education purpose and should not be confused with support room to resolve technical and support related issues.

In the SKYPE room training staff of United Paycheck will be present to guide you and answer any business related question of our Affiliates. They will assist you in understanding the concepts of United Paycheck business as well as resolve your queries.

Language for the room will be English; however other language staff also will be present to assist you on need basis.

The room will cover all the Time Zones through United Paycheck staffs connecting from different parts of world.

A link to connect to the SKYPE room will be provided to all the Affiliates very soon through our official communication channels.
Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks for the trust you have in United Paycheck . . .

Warm Regards
United Paycheck

I received the following payments today: stalliongold (instant-problem status), sol-r (2x-instant), axiominvestment (2x), bensonunion (problem status), proforexunion, malaysian-inc (1 minute 57 seconds), megamoneyhybrid, hurricaneassets, and stravia. Clickpaid still under investigation because of profitclicking that they will use as feeder program. If the situation from profitclicking is the same it means that Frederick Mann need new program and fresh money to start with new ponzi game. I will invest few dollars from this program if I saw some payment proofs already in forums. Megamoneyhybrid is paying on time after finished all the problems from the program. I'm in daily withdrawals from this programs. My strategy here is to build hybrid units after I received withdrawals every 15 days then it should be at 50/50 rule to build income from this program.

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