Monday, March 25, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is Paying: received my 100% investment today from this program

I got paid today from the following programs: investifield (3x-instant), optiearn (2x), eaglesinvestment (2x-instant), bensonunion (problem status), sol-r (instant), unitedpaycheck, axiominvestment, stravia (problem status), and majesticrown (instant). I added my last new HYIP for this month called newfixtrade. I read the latest update news from this program so I decided to invest even almost one (1) month old. However, hyipexplorer monitor is not listed for this program but from my own research it is listed from more than ten (10) HYIP forums. This is the latest update news came from the website;

22 March 2013, 22:39

Dear partners!

Thank you for placing your trust in our company. We bear great responsibility for our clients.

Security of your data and trouble-free operation is our priority.

The decision was taken to move our site to a new, more high-powered and secure server which uses Cisco hardware firewall.

Operation will take place on Tuesday.

At the time of updating, our service will be available at the address
This is our temporary domain, also protected by SSL Protocol.

Our cooperation must be uncomplicated and convenient; we are aimed at long-term partnership.


Finally, I got my 22th payment from unitedpaycheck for getting 100% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program. I invested $500 from this program with 25 ad ports and received a total of $506.30 today. This is my status of this program:

(3)- UNITEDPAYCHECK (PAYING) - compounding 100%
Investment: $500
ROI (Return of Investment): $506.30 in profit

I have 35 days left for compounding 100% from this program until all my old ad ports will stop earnings. For those members that not interested from this program they lost a good opportunity for another great source of income. Last few days ago, they started funding STP processor and still fixing the withdrawal from this payment. The program has now almost 10,000 likes from their facebook page which the program is already strong than others.

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