Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pipmega is Paying: received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program

I got my 10th payment today from the program called pipmega for 50% of my ROI (Return of Investment). I invested $144 from this program when the program launch. This is my status of income in this program:

Investment: $144
ROI (Return of Investment): $72.32

I got paid from the following programs today: axiominvestment (3x), malaysian-inc(1 minute 56 seconds), ad-solid (instant), sol-r (2x-instant), proforexunion, and profitablesunrise (problem status).

Clickpaid reached already over 51,700 sign up members during launch while megamoneyhybrid reached over 2,300 sign up members. Clickpaid break the record of sign up members from the program called ricanadfunds which sign up members are 34,000 for five (5) months paying online. I believe those are members from justbeenpaid before that still have trust from Frederick Mann even the program called profitclicking today still alive but not paying from members. This is my account from clickpaid:

The program called jubirev is almost ready, you can now fund your account. These are the payment accepted from this program:


1.) STP - 3% processing fee
2.) Payza - 3% processing fee
3.) Jubi Account - 5% processing fee
4.) ACH - 5% processing fee (US ONLY - can take up to 7 business days)
5.) Bank Wire - $25 for domestic, $40 international (allow 4-7 business days)

These are the news update from the program unitedpaycheck and ismadsincome today:


Great to see so many affiliates posting here and confirming from different parts of the globe about the system stability or issues. We always take your comments and suggestions seriously, whether they are positive for us or needs improvement. And to be honest, this really helps.

The changes which were done for Multi E-Wallet is really BIG, and really Important. One thing which we want you all to know is that the 'Data' that was there before the change in any profile is NOT effected at all. So if you see something missing anywhere, just chill and enjoy your weekend . We are here to take care of it.

The changes which were done, will only be seen from the time site was back after the changes. And we are sure, you will love this. These changes will help people from any part of the globe to manage their currency more wisely, easily and effectively. And this is what United Paycheck aims to achieve.

Make sure you come to today's training on the very important Business plan with Sub Ad port binary special (this will actually make you financially free), and the new Multi E-Wallet system.

Thanks all once again for helping United Paycheck stand stronger and future ready!! Stay tuned!!


Richard Cannon:

Due to circumstances that we don't fully understand I am not able to get access to the ISMAI admin area to be able to process withdrawals - Russell and the team are working on this now to get me the information to be able to process all payments. I am very sorry for this situation and confirm that all payments in ISMAI will be up to date by Monday night/Tuesday Morning. Thank you for your understanding, patience and support :)

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