Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Optiearn is Paying: Computation of ROI (Return of Investment) from this program

Optiearn is my 2nd HYIP this March 2013 and I got paid already from this program. The difference between majesticrown from this program giving 3.2% daily for 90 business days, while the other one is 3.0% for 70 business days. I invested $140 from this program to test the challenge. You must set to 0% compounding and make daily withdrawals from your income. This is the computation of getting your investment from this program:

Computation of getting my ROI (Return of Investment) from optiearn

Investment Plan:
Daily Rate: 3.0% daily
Amount: $10 - $100,000
Days: 70 business days
Compounding: Yes
Principle Return: Yes

$140 x 3.0% (0.03) = $4.20 per day x 70 days = $294 returned + $140 deposit = $434

$140 / $4.20 per day = 33.33 days ROI (Return of Investment) equivalent to 34 days

$4.20 per day x 34 days = $142.80 profit

My status of this program:

Investment: $140
ROI (Return of Investment): $15.10

I got paid today from the following programs: bensonunion (instant-problem status), pipmega, megamoneyhybrid (2x), optiearn (2x), ad-solid, malaysian-inc (34 seconds), sol-r (instant), axiominvestment, and majesticrown (2x). On Sunday, I will receive my 100% investment from unitedpaycheck, requested withdrawal for my 21th payment from this program. The withdrawals is still in normal situation that paying on time, however there is charge for requesting withdrawal every payment processor. Ricanadfunds fixed the problem from other processors after over a week that members getting worried about the situation. I saw some other members got paid already from LR withdrawal but small amounts. Richard Cannon saw some blogs that put as scam status already from this program because of the problems from withdrawals. It's true because many members pending for over three (3) days already that stated in the FAQ page. Any programs that can not follow the FAQ page stated it is considered as problem status. In this situation, I believe there is over 30,000 withdrawal requested after more than seven (7) days that no payment from other processors. Members getting withdrawal daily after this happened so that they will be in profit. This problem will go down because some members are in negative situation unless they are in profit. I hope this program still reach for another cycle or five (5) months.

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