Saturday, March 16, 2013

Megamoneyhybrid is Paying: Step by step procedure how to make money in this program

1. Go to website:
2. Go to the link and click JOIN NOW.
3. Complete the blank information of SIGN UP PAGE.
4. Then you can now log-in to your account after you register as a member. This program you can earn money without sponsoring as long as build positions.
5. Go to PROFILE PAGE. Set up your MEMBER PROFILE and CHANGE SECURITY DETAILS. Then update all your information in the program. After, you should start investing money in this program for $10 per position.
6. Next step, click ADD FUND

7. Then, redirected to the next page about FEE PAYMENT DETAILS. You can deposit as low as $1 for every payment processors (Solid Trust Pay, Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay). You can select payment processor for depositing money in the program. I deposited $1000 in this program and received already 30% of my investment. I used four (4) processors in depositing money but the large amount is Solid Trust Pay. Then, I used Liberty Reseve for my withdrawals by setting in your PROFILE PAGE.

8. After you deposited an amount, click PURCHASE POSITION

9. You can see the SELECT POSITION; 1,2,3, etc. depends in your account balance. It is automatically detecting for purchasing positions. Continue the processing procedure until it will be successful.

10. It's already done and wait for crediting your account without doing anything task job. No refund policy if you started already in this program so you spent that you can not afford to lose in every program. It will be credited after resetting the server time of the program.



2. CYCLER LINE (20 of my positions cycled completed already)

3. PAYMENT PROOFS (8th, 9th, 10th and 11th payment proofs)

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