Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ismadsincome back to paying status and hurricaneassets received my 50% investment today


These are the following programs that I got paid: ifg-trading, stalliongold (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), unitedpaycheck, axiominvestment (2x), hurricaneassets, proforexunion, stravia, and sol-r (instant).

Two (2) days to go the program called megamoneyhybrid will be launch with over 4000 registered members. I will put all my profits came from ricanadfunds in this program because I invested few dollars from pipmega. Admin have a good support because I test to sent support ticket from them today.

Hurricaneassets received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program today. Getting investment from this program is too long with more than three (3) months before in profit. The HYIP should be successful in his/her program if the admin is honest even you join short term or long term plan. This is my income status of this program:

Investment: $350
ROI (Return of Investment): $175.30


I got paid from the following programs: proforexunion, malaysian-inc (1 minute 1 second), ad-solid (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), stalliongold (instant), ricanadfunds, axiominvestment (2x), hurricaneassets, ismadsincome, stravia, and sol-r (instant). Ismadsincome back to paying after processed my three (3) pending withdrawals in one (1) payment after one (1) week waiting from the program. I received an update news came from felmina about the issue of bank withdrawals with large amount of requested. Within next few months, we should see if this program have no complains about big investors it will be back to paying status. This is the email that I received:

[Felmina Alliance] Official Newsletter

We would like to address a very important issue most of you are aware of. As you know we have recently faced significant delays in processing of the bank wire transfer withdrawals from our customers.

We would like to shed some light on this situation. The bank we have been working with for a long time is no longer able to process the withdrawals from us due to a large volume of the requests. This is a purely technical issue we have been working to resolve.

The good news is that we have come up with the solution to the problem and the normal operation of withdrawals will resume in the next few days.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Scam programs updated: supremeprofits.com, nanobuild.biz, ventonfinance.com, indexrising.com, switzinvestment.com, realtyinv.net, galaxyinv.com, storeforex.com, flyingmoney.biz, mt4profit.biz, shareexpress.net, rxforexgroup.com, bentleyinvestment.com, nic1895.com, hyipinv.net, copperthin.com, welfaremoney.net, mileniafinance.com, unioninvestors.biz, fxprobusiness.com, nanobuild.biz, indexrising.com, goldenpayment.net, universalary.com, perfectmania.com, xgolding.com, 24-earn.com, mgprofit.com, lottery.allworldhyip.com, betgolds.com, jblincomegroup.com, elegant-income.com, forkstrategy.com, eco-invest.biz, flyingmoney.biz, bioenergyfund.biz

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