Friday, March 22, 2013

Ismadsincome and ricanadfunds turned to problem status

Ismadsincome and ricanadfunds are back to problem status. The main problem from both programs is PENDING WITHDRAWALS. Admin processed withdrawals last two days ago but only 2 digits that I saw both facebook and forums. In HYIP Industry, this is what they called selective payments from investors. Some members received $15-$99 last few days ago from there pending withdrawals over three (3) days. I would be happy if admin process withdrawals from $100-$50,000 pending requested. I will return back to paying status if the problem is in normal situation. Today, both programs are down due to hacking attempts while admin is sleeping. This is the news came from Russell admin;



written by Russell ISMmagic, March 22, 2013

Due to circumstance that we have yet to ascertain the RAF / ismAdsIncome server crashed at approximately 02:30 (UK time) today.

We suspect this was due to an unsuccessful hacking attempt, as clearly there are those who are determined to destroy our online businesses..

They will fail. WE WILL SUCCEED..

The operating system on the server has been re-loaded and updated (completed 11:45 UK time) and we are now able to access the database.

This event has unfortunately cost us ½ day of working time.


We have taken the decision to PAY all current withdrawals before allowing further withdrawal requests. For this reason the site is under maintenance, when we put it back up later today withdrawals will be temporarily disabled.

As soon as all current outstanding withdrawal requests are processed we will re-enable new withdrawal requests.

Thank you for your continued support .

I remember my post in facebook group last month ago that if the program is currently offline this is what they called HACKING SITUATION. Admin saw my post and denied from members that it is in maintenance situation. Admin admit today that this is hacking issues both program and not in maintenance. The program is in maintenance if admin posted news update if you open the website. This is the admin posted in group;

These are the following programs that I received: ad-solid, sol-r (2x-instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), proforexunion, optiearn (3x), megamoneyhybrid (2x), uinvest, felmina (problem status), stravia, majesticrown, axiominvestment, and malaysian-inc (1 minute 3 seconds). I added a new program called investifield and invested $100 to take the challenge. I received an update news from sol-r that egopay instant withdrawal is temporarily disabled and investifield about the status of the program. These are the emails that I received;

SOL-R Newsletter - EgoPay Instant Withdrawal Disabled Temporarily

Hi cyclesplushyips,

Hope everyone is doing well.

Sorry for sending out this newsletter a little late, but we have been hard at work on the site to fix an issue.
A Delay in the response from the egopay servers in the past 24 - 48 hours was causing some members to receive multiple withdrawals. Until we resolve this issue fully we have disabled egopay instant withdrawals and there is a slight delay in processing manual withdrawals as we work out the kinks.

We expect to have this resolved shortly and we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.

INVESTIFIELD #1 Newsletter - 22. March, 2013.
Dear valued investors,

We have some great and big news for you all to share!

March 22nd, 2013 is a major milestone for us at INVESTIFIELD, as it marks the second week since we have brought our system online. With the great success that the program has had thus far, we see this is being only one of many major achievements to come as we continue to strive to serve our valuable investors better and provide them with the best returns possible.

At the moment we are proud that our client base has approached 9000 total registered accounts, with 5200 active users. Our communication with people and variety of acquaintances results in good benefit for you and new good source of profit based on equity investment for your friends.

At INVESTIFIELD we have always promoted transparency and communication. In order to gain investor trust and confidence INVESTIFIELD provides 24/7 English live chat and phone support. We're looking forward for adding more languages within our support department soon. Call us anytime at +44 20 3290 6667!

The most important announcement this time is the addition of our EV SSL - the green address bar. It provides immediate trust - your transactions up to $250,000 are insured, providing a risk-free investment environment! Our company business and website security has been fully validated by Comodo. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate also offers the highest available levels of authentication and protection of sensitive data.

At the end, INVESTIFIELD wishes to thank all investors and promoters for their trust in our program as we aim to grow our business in the effort to continue to serve you better all the time. Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,
Brandon Richardson

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