Thursday, February 14, 2013

Xgolding is Paying: Twelve days to go before in profit

After few days that admin created news update, I have twelve (12) days to go before in profit from the program called xgolding while sol-r needs more thirteen (13) days before getting my investment.  Loyal and brainwashed members from profitclicking getting crazy how could they get their money from this program. It's too late from them to leave from the program even they have $10,000 - $100,000 account balance. Good luck for those who have many dollars in their account.

I got paid from the following programs: proforexunion, ad-solid (2x-instant), felmina(problem status), pipmega, stalliongold (instant), sol-r (instant), ricanadfunds, xgolding, and hurricaneassets. I have still no news about the update from admin of eurextrade what is happening from the program. This week I will put as scam if no email update from this program. This is unexpected moments from old HYIP that they will lost without warning from the members. I will invest in wildmandiamond this week for the two (2) lost programs (profitableadfunds and eurextrade).

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