Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Xgolding and Profitablesunrise turned to problem status; Sol-r got my ROI (Return of Investment) today

Xgolding and profitablesunrise turned to problem status (withdrawal problem). Xgolding withdrawal is still pending for over 24 hours while profitablesunrise is in RED FLAG ALERT already since last four (4) months because of changing payment processors if you request withdrawal for your deposited payment processor. Example, if you deposit through LR (libertyreserve) then when you reached your ROI (Return of Investment) you can't withdraw already and changed into other payment processors. I got my 100% investment today from sol-r for my investment of $175 from this program. This is my status of this program:

Investment: $175
ROI (Return of Investment): $175.65 in profit

These are the following programs that I got paid today: bensonunion (instant-problem status), stalliongold(instant), felmina (problem status), malaysian-inc (1 minute 20 seconds), hurricaneassets, sol-r (instant), axiominvestment and stravia. I received news update in my email today from axiominvestment:

UPDATE NEWS: Axiom Investing Group

Dear investors.

Some important news:

1. Today from 16:00 London time our site will not be available for up to 12 hours. This is due to move to a new, high-performance and reliable server from a company Blaсk Lotus. Forced measure as the current server does not withstand loads generated.
2. Withdrawal in SolidTrustPay payment system will be available only from 6 am tomorrow in London. Regulation of payments (24 hours) will not be disturbed no one investor.
3. We have published the first working reports.
4. Added Payment System QIWI.

Best regards,

Support Dept.
Axiom Investing Group
Skype: axiominvestinggroup
Tel: +44 01244 94 0757

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