Friday, February 22, 2013

Unitedpaycheck is Paying: Guidelines how to start making money from this program

Unitedpaycheck paying 1.5% for 100 days for every one (1) ad port you purchase. One (1) ad port cost $20 with a minimum withdrawal of $20. This programs accepts payment processors liberty reserve, perfect money, egopay, and payza. But they announced already after few weeks that solidtrustpay will be added in this program. I reached already over 50% of $500 for my investment. Most people joining in a program but they don't know what to do to earn money. They don't have a plan to take a risk in terms of investment program because they are afraid to scam. For me, if you want to become successful in business online you need to take the risk and become positive result. Fear is the one of your enemy in online business that's why until now your not making money with stable income.

This programs looks professional that others because there are many steps what you do before joining. If you click the register in my referral link, this is message;

To register your account please enter your email address. After clicking submit, you will receive a verification code in your email account. Please enter that Verification code in Next Step.

Please Enter your Email Address  _____________________
                                                                      Submit Email ID

Then you will go to your email for the confirmation of registration, the follow the instructions step by step....

If your now already a member of this program, you have nothing to do here just purchase ad ports. This is the step by step for investing in this program:

1. Click E-WALLET menu then go to ADD FUNDS. 

2. After that enter the amount you want to deposit. (Note: $20 per 1 ad port cost) Then click PROCEED. It will automatically go to payment processor you choose then log in. Continue the procedure until it may successful for the money you deposit.

3. Click PURCHASE menu, then go to PURCHASE AD PORT;

4. Enter the number of ad ports you will buy equivalent to $20 each then the total amount of purchase ad ports. Example: 5 ad ports x 20 each = $100 for the total amount. Click SUBMIT, done task. After 24 hours you will be earning 1.5% daily for every one (1) ad port you purchase. If you reach already $20 minimum withdrawal then its the time you make withdrawal request.

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