Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sol-r is Paying: Received 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from this program


These are the following programs that I got paid: ad-solid (2x-instant), stalliongold (instant), proforexunion (2x), bensonunion (instant-problem status), ricanadfunds, unitedpaycheck, felmina (problem status), eurextrade (instant), hurricaneassets, sol-r (instant), stravia, and profitablesunrise.

Congratulations for those who also joined in my link in stravia and invested earlier than me. I think this week they are also in profit from this program. Thank you for joining some of my followers or visitors. They support my blog for joining some of my programs unlike others that they use only my blog as a monitoring or reference. Anyway, I received an update news from this program and also from both programs sol-r and jubimax;


05 Feb 2013 - There was a technical glitch in the "Your Deposit" section where the expiry date calculated on an investment did not include the weekends and therefore did not show the true number of days remaining. This has now been fixed.


SOL-R Newsletter - Winners Announced

Hello cyclesplushyips,

The time has come to announce the winners of our testimonial contest!
There was an amazing turnout with well over 100 entries and maxivotes.
The turnout was so great in fact that we had to have a draw, so we have 6 winners instead of 5.

Without further delay, here are the winners and their prizes.
1. Surfluv - $250
2. alzander - $50
3. ebusiness - $50
4. joker3gsm - $50
5. cutetabby - $50
6. jarrettcomm - $50

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that contributed.

Please keep maxivoting and keep watching out for our newsletters, I have a feeling there's more contests to come!

Thank you,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.



Massive Growth Over 25K In Five Days

Good Day and welcome to our JubiRev / JubiMax Family!  What an amazing 5 days with over 25,000 from around the globe having secured their prelaunch position and joined the JubiREV/JubiMAX revolution!
Last night we upgraded to our new servers to get ready for production.  The manufacturer is on target with being ready for shipping products.  Later this week you should start seeing Commission/Payment cards going live so you can get yours and funded for launch day!!!

We uploaded 2 new videos uploaded today:

Webinar Recordings - Friday, February 1st, Prelaunch Webinar
Training - Comp Plan Tab - JubiREV Leadership Bonus Overview

Take advantage of prelaunch and build a massive team that will reward you for years to come!
Now is the time to spread the word email it, blog it, tweet it, facebook it, you get it just spread the word!!!!!

Don't forget to check your calendar.  There are opportunity webinars daily.

Stay tuned for more details and updates to come.

Together we will Lead The Revenue Sharing Revolution.
Remember...It’s Not Just A Company, It’s A Movement!

The REV Team


I got my 50% investment today from the program called sol-r. This program giving interest rate for 2.2% - 2.7% daily for 90 days. Those programs giving principle return after the expiration plan purchased is not recommended to use compounding for big investors. If have are small small investors you can use it so that can reach the minimum withdrawal from the program. This is my status today from this program:

Investment: $175
ROI (Return of Investment): $87.89

It is a good decision for those joined in this program earlier even I have no investment when I posted this program. Some of my referrals invested early that my investment. 

I got paid today from the following programs: felmina, pipmega, stalliongold (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), ismadsincome, xgolding, ifg-trading, hurricaneassets, and sol-r (instant). I got email from bensonunion for update:


Video presentation & Exclusive contest

Dear investors! Benson Union informs that our well-known video presentation has been translated to Spanish and Russian language. At the moment you just need to open Russian or Spanish version of our website to be able to watch video presentation in your native language. More languages coming next month! Also we will present a new exclusive contest with huge prizes. Our programmers are working on integration right now and it will be completed within a few days. Stay tuned!

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