Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Profitclicking is Scam: Frederick Mann created a new program called clickpaid

Finally, I made a decision to create this news that profitclicking is already scam. This month of January 2013 I stopped visiting this program already because my money in account balance is sold with positive members in this program. They buy with low price equivalent to $4 Gift Card to $1. I'm not afraid that my account in profitclicking today even I have over $200 from account balance will terminated because of my blog that posted as SCAM programs in the internet. Many members don't believe that the program is already SCAM since JUSTBEENPAID.COM changed their domain to PROFITCLICKING.COM. They are loyal and brainwashed members that they don't care about there referrals if they lost thousands of dollars. In the website stated that their is a website page that you need to REPORT NEGATIVE COMMENTS for those killing the program. I can't post this news because I'm also a member of the program that afraid to delete my account for this topic and comment. This is my status of this program:

Investment: $100
ROI (Return of Investment): $4683.79 in profit
WON - $4583.79

Those members saying that profitclicking is still paying from the start are called SCAM PROMOTERS. They can't accept the reality that their income from the program will all lost. Those persons are called BRAINWASHED MEMBERS that don't believe from old professional online marketers because of their money in the program. I made a good research and decision that I got all my money from the program even I'm a PURE NEGATIVE member when justbeenpaid changed the domain to profitclicking. I'm not a big investors from the program but I could say that I earned thousands of dollars for my investment of $100 came from profit with other programs. I won total profits of $4583.79 for almost two (2) years member from the program. This is the best program that I received when I'm starting online business since 2010. Some of my programs that scam already earned for hundreds not in thousands. This is the good money to start that I created over 20 programs with stable income. 

I remember the passed that I have only $25 when I'm starting to build income in the internet. Being a successful making money online, you need to control your attitude for this ponzi programs. One of the problems from investors are being GREEDY that they spent thousands of dollars to earn big amounts from the program that's why many people lost money in the internet. At year 2010, most of my friends with affiliate social networking sites came also from Philippines stopped making money already in the internet because of being greedy investors. Investing money in internet is risky especially when your involve in my business called HYIP (High Yield Investment Program). You need to be a wise investor to get money from all investment programs. The best tips that I could share from those newbie in online business if involve in investment programs you need to get your money and play with profit. Buy those greedy investors don't care about this best tips because they care about their income.

Now, those positive members from the program don't know how to get there thousands of dollars in the program because of their attitude. For those making more than $100 a day from the program or have a balance with over $10, 000 can not get their money because withdrawals is already disable or closed. They saying bad words from the program because of their money that can not get with only one (1) withdrawal request.

When the domain is still in there is no limit for withdrawals and you can see higher than $10,000 payment proofs for those big investors. They changed domain to and started the program getting worst. I stopped promoting this program already when they changed the domain because it is already in RED FLAG STATUS that they are running out of money. There is a limit of withdrawals already with minimum members can withdraw. It started with $200 every payment processors, after they changed to $100, then the lowest withdrawal request at all. They created hide and seek withdrawal button to play from members. Many members can not sleep with this type of withdrawal process. I won with over $500 for this playing hide and seek withdrawal. 

For those still positive members from this program out there I suggest move on because you can not get your monopoly money even you have $500,000 in your account balance. Profitclicking is already scam and stopped paying from members. If you lost in this program its your fault because you trust your sponsor.

Frederick Mann started a new program already called clickpaid. Your IN or OUT...? If you won in profitlicking I think you will IN but if you lost you will be OUT of this program. 

Good luck everyone...!

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