Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Update on deposits and withdrawals from stravia

I got paid today from stravia and received also an update news came from my email;


Stravia - Update on deposits and withdrawals

Hello Cecilio Abalos Jr,

Just a short update.
We apologize for the last few days, as there was an issue with deposits not getting credited instantly. We tried to handle the situation as best as we could, by crediting all the deposits manually even before you needed to place a support ticket with us. We would like to let you know that this issue has been fixed permanently.

Also, another change you might have noticed is the instant withdrawals on Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money systems starting 1st Jan. We would like to let you know that this is not a permanent change and our 36 hour withdrawal rule still applies as per our FAQ. However, for now instant withdrawals has been enabled and we like to see how it goes.

Best regards,

Peter M Voon
Stravia Team


Yesterday, I won for my 11th lucky bucket withdrawal from profitclicking after I decided to cancelled all my 6 withdrawal queue for pending more than 2 months. But now, I missed the bucket withdrawals even I'm online for opening all payment processors. Withdrawals now became a lottery that you will be lucky for 400 persons a day for every processor that will open. As of now I have a total of 11 bucket withdrawals x $50 per processor = $550 as of this day. There's no exact time when bucket withdrawals will open but based on my observation they open it around 1am-7am (Philippines time). I invested also $200 from xgolding today to take the risk from this program because its new and admin spent money for banners advertising from many monitoring sites. I will invest also in stalliongold this week because most monitoring sites invested in this program. I'm expecting that this will be successful for more than 8 months paying online like profitablesunrise and felmina.

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