Thursday, January 17, 2013

Received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment) from stravia


Last few days I received my 50% investment already from stravia that giving 2.7-3.5% daily for 70 days. I invested $120 from this program, this is my income status;

Investment: $120
ROI (Return of Investment): $75.34

I got paid from the following programs: stalliongold (instant), stravia (2x-instant), eurextrade (instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), felmina, proforexunion, profitableadfunds, ifg-trading, xgolding (2x), proforexunion, hurricaneassets, and profitclicking (problem status). Newgni (scam) is in funny situation. For my nine (9) pending withdrawals, I received one (1) payment today but I deleted already in my list. Profitclicking bucket stp bucket withdrawal open early today and I missed it. They changed the time to 6 am (Philippines time) for opening STP bucket withdrawal. If you want to hunt the bucket STP withdrawal from this program, you must be online at 5 am - 12 pm (Philippines time). Imagine, for only $50 hunting STP bucket withdrawal you must online for 5 hours to hit the withdrawal button. Good luck everyone! I received update news from unitedpaycheck, planning to invest this week:


United Paycheck - PAYZA Withdrawal start

Dear Affiliates,

In recent time we have seen huge traffic coming to our website. We thank all our Affiliates whose continuous promotional efforts have started paying. 
However due to this heavy inflow we need to upgrade our system to cope up with this extra ordinary growth.

In our continuous effort to improve quality of our service and provide best possible features to our 
Affiliates United Paycheck technical Team is presently doing system updates on the Servers.

This upgradation will provide you a faster and cutting edge system.

During this process we might have to bring our site down for a while. We expect cooperation from the users of the system.

Thank you for your trust in United Paycheck.

Warm Regards

United Paycheck


Profitclicking STP bucket withdrawal open today with the same time yesterday around 6 am (Philippines time). Unlucky this day due to slow internet and the website is also very slow because of many members are online hitting bucket withdrawals. STP bucket withdrawals is easy among all payment processors because they have many funds from this payment processor. I think tomorrow will be at the same time for opening STP bucket withdrawal. You must be online around 5 am - 8 am if you want to hunt the bucket withdrawal from STP payment processor. 

I received my withdrawals today from these programs: bensonunion (instant-problem status), stalliongold (instant), felmina, xgolding, uinvest, profitablesunrise, stravia (instant), and hurricaneassets. I read some scam issues about epicroyal today for one of concern member from this program, he says; EpicRoyal withdrawal was rejected to my wallet so i can no more ask to cashout but only reinvest it.

I'm a member of this program but I did not invest already because its too late. Good luck for those invested this few days. I highly recommend to leave this program if you won already because it is already in RED FLAG STATUS.

I'm happy that 1st week of launch from both programs ismadsincome and ricanadfunds invested already from this program. For those people viewing my blog and invested also early from both programs are also got in profit. I invited my friend to invest in this program but she have no money that's why I used my money for her. We combined the money from her account from ricanadfunds that's why my total invested from both program is $1375. I did not listed here already because it is my friends account. I'm already at $25 per day from both program. It is a good decision that I invested more from both programs. Ricanadfunds passed already $3,000,000+ purchases ad units from this program so the life of this program still going until many investors will come and invest. This is the best way to make money from risky programs. If you invested early you will won but if your late you lose. For me, it is better to risk money from new HYIP programs that more than 6 months old programs.

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