Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cyclesplushyips Exchanger - Buy and Sell Libertyreserve funds

I created a new page for buy, sell, exchange for currency exchanger from different payment processors. I am the admin of this facebook page started January 05, 2013. Year 2010 when I started selling funds already from my social networking sites friends here in the Philippines. My funds is alertpay (payza) only before that using upgrade from swom to make money from this program. At the year 2011, I managed to sell e-currency from different countries through Western Union. In my old blog before I posted some proofs that I'm selling e-currency funds. I made more than 30 customers before through advertising only here in my blog. May 02, 2012, I created a facebook group for selling and buying currency funds only from Philippines. After one (1) month we observe that many people trying to scam in the group and it is not advisable to open the group from everyone. I wonder why people scamming in internet without taking the risk from the hundreds of programs. They want an easy money just to scam people from  e-currency exchanges. I decided to delete the group and created a new one then changed to close group. Then I listed trusted members for those active and made many transactions from members. This is the link of facebook group that proof that I am the admin;

Everyone is invited to visit my facebook page for selling and buying e-currency exchanges. I posted there my proofs for transactions from different countries around the world. I have also few feedbacks for now because it is my new page. Soon I have hundreds of feedbacks already in the page....

You can also connect at the lower right side of my blog. I uploaded the image where you can see.....

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