Monday, January 28, 2013

Computation of ROI (Return of Investment) from Pipmega


I got paid today from ad-solid (instant), sol-r (instant), and proforexunion. Few days ago, I invested in pipmega for $130 and added $14 to make it $144 total investment. This is my the computation how could I get my investment from this program:

Computation of getting my ROI (Return of Investment) from pipmega

Investment Plan:
Name: Mega Forex Starter
Daily Rate: 1.50%
Amount: $10 - $499.99
Days: 160
Compounding: by new deposit
Principle Return: Yes

$144 x 1.50% (0.015) = $2.16 per day x 160 days = $345.60 returned

$144 / $2.16 per day = 66.66 days ROI (Return of Investment) equivalent to 67 days

$2.16 per day x 67 days = $144.72 profit

Scam programs updated:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and


I got paid from the following programs: sol-r (2x-instant), bensonunion (instant-problem status), stalliongold (instant), hurricaneassets, stravia, xgolding, and profitableadfunds. As of now, I cancelled my 100% compounding from both ismadsincome and ricanadfunds for a while. Few hours, both programs down due to DDOS attack. I thinks this is the 4th attempt for attacking hackers from both programs. The programs are back now but some members have a problem and not fully functional. Eight of my ad packages from ricanadfunds cycled today. It means that this is my 125th days for being a member of this program. Some of my ad packs are also near to expire but I purchased already ad packs for more than 20 days. This is the Richard Cannon update from the group:

All Mass Pay payments have been made for LR and STP.

PM manual payments are about to be made.
**Due to an issue we are currently trying to resolve with EP we have cancelled all pending EP withdrawal requests so that you can withdraw to another processor in the mean time - we are sorry for this and hope to get it resolved very soon.
This will all be explained on the blog. :)

I received an update news from visitad:

Promo Pack Updated, Start Rating is Active Now

Hello Members,

                 As promised in our previous newsletter, we have updated our promo pack.

The working Plan of Promo pack,so as to be eligible to earn 2 $ in a week is described below :

Member need to surf 500 Ads spread over a period of 7 days.

only 100 Ads can be surfed in one day.

Member must have an Active AD pack.

No membership or Subscription required,and you can earn 2 $ a week as long as you have an Active AD pack.

You cannot earn more than 2 $ in one week

Note: We have updated the above plan in View Ads tab of our website,we have also modified our FAQS and Banners.

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