Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Themoneygalaxy is in problem status

Yesterday, my withdrawal from themoneygalaxy is not an instant and pending status. The same what happen today that my withdrawal is not pending so I changed it as problem status. Profitclicking is now back to normal that you need to play hide and seek withdrawal. Every processors have a change to withraw for 1-5 minutes depends on the day that they will open. Honestly, this is my first time to open my profitclicking account because my oldest withdrawals dated October 11 (payza withdrawal) is still pending until now. I have 6 pending withdrawals for this program but when they changed the processing withdrawal some got paid within 1-2 days so its unfair. I have more than $400 for this program so I changed my mind that the three (3) new withdrawals request will cancelled and I decided to play hide and seek withdrawal. I'm lucky today because this is my first time that I withdraw for this kind of processing withdrawal. I requested today STP, LR and Perfectmoney processor so I have $50 every processor. This is better that withdrawal queue because they will process for 1-2 days than more than 2 months. I got paid today from felmina and bensonunion. I received also and email came from ismadsincome for update news:



Dear Cecilio,

We successfully completed the following earlier this week

1. Implementation of the ismRican E-Wallet.
2. Security Updates.
3. Move to the new server.
4. Delivery of the Site via CloudFlare


To use the ismRican E-wallet you must be a member of ismMagic.
It allows you to use funds earned in one Rican program to pay for goods and services in other Rican programs with ZERO transaction fees.

Members of ismMagic must activate the e-wallet in order to receive their ismMagic bonus on ad units purchased.

To join ismMagic; click on the link in the Purchase Package page.

Security Update

You must now nominate processor IDs to be able to use them for withdrawals.

Only 1 ID per processor is allowed.
If you update a existing processor ID;
a) You must enter your security answer;
b) The old ID will be cancelled immediately;
c) All your pending withdrawals to that processor will be cancelled immediately;
d) The new ID will be reviewed & processed normally within 1 day (excluding Sundays & UK public holidays).

If you enter a processor ID that is in use or has been used by another member

a) Both your account and theirs will be immediately suspended.
b) All pending withdrawals, to all processors, yours and theirs will be cancelled.

Move to New Server

This has been completed and ismAdsincome is now on a sub-domain of ismMagic

There is 301 re-redirect in place from the old domain, but it is best to use the new url.

We will edit any adverts on RAF and ismMagic to use the new domain over the next couple of days

During the server move a few of you managed to by-pass the holding page and submit withdrawal requests or re-purchases.
These will not have been transferred to the new database and you will need to re-submit them.

We have to re-apply to EGO PAY for them to approve the web-site so it will not available for purchase for a short period.

DDOS Protection & CloudFlare

The big plus side of the domain change is that the site is now being served via CloudFlare with HIGH LEVEL DDOS PROTECTION.

CloudFlare protects us against a variety of web-bots and other unwanted intrusions. It can detect if your PC has unwanted bot or other software on it. If your PC, appears to have such software loaded it will challenge you and ask for a captcha code. If your PC fails the captcha code test your IP address will be blocked and you then need to send in a support ticket to us. Before sending in a support please run a full virus scan on your PC with up-to-date recognised anti-virus software. Please attach a screen shot showing the completed virus scan or some other proof that your PC is clean.



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