Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Paid from newgni 5x


Newgni is already in red flag status (near scam) which the withdrawals will process when there is new money in every processor. This program is the same status in profitclicking that withdrawals will be process when there is new money from new investors. I got paid today 5x from all my five (5) pending withdrawals unlike before that they will process withdrawals daily. I received an information that felmina paying only for small investors and those withdrawals from big investors is pending until now. I put this program as waiting status. The other programs that I got paid today are ismadsincome and ricanadfunds.


I got paid today from felmina and uinvest. After five (5) months for being an investor from uinvest, I received my total investment already and won $38.23 which I will use it for 100% re-purchasing shares. There is no task here in this program just buy share and you receive monthly income depends on the value for every share. The more shares you have the more you will receive monthly income from this program.

Investment: $241
ROI (Return of Investment): $279.23 in profit

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