Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Eurextrade received my 50% ROI (Return of Investment)



I got paid from the following programs: ricanadfunds, ifg-trading, felmina and eurextrade. Eurextrade is one of an old HYIP that still paying until now. I received my 50% investment from this program even I'm too late to invest already. I have nine (9) programs left but 95% got already all my investment. Tomorrow, I will received my monthly share from spa sallon from uinvest then I will sell it. I have still $300+ in my account balance in profitclicking. As of now, its too hard to get the withdrawal bucket and withdrawals getting longer. Let's see what will happen after few days of bucket withdrawals if it is still fast within 1-3 days. 


I received my monthly share from uinvest and requested withdrawal today. I sell the spa sallon and waiting to received who's interested to buy this share. I will received my withdrawal requested tomorrow. Newgni looks that they paying only every Monday, I have now three (3) pending withdrawals from this program today. This is a red flag from this program because they don't process withdrawals daily and the principals return will process after 30 days. I got paid only today from felmina (2x).

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