Monday, October 1, 2012

Solidtrustpay Refund and Dispute

This is good news for those solidtrustpay users..........

The most very popular payment processor to use in HYIP before is payza which you can refund and dispute your deposit for those HYIP scamming from members. But when payza don't accept HYIP because of many dispute, less HYIP Investors are using this payment processor.

I just read this good news from HYIP bloggers regarding STP refund and dispute options. It is said that we are able to initiate a complains against that HYIP's username. They need at least 5 people need to submit a complain to STP about HYIP scamming and then STP will freeze or suspend their account. The best thing is you can get also your money back from them once they scammed you. We only need to make a complaint to STP investigation sections and then they will confirm our complains and started to freeze the account. I think STP will refund your money as long as the account still got some money inside. Since it hasn't proven yet, I guess its worth to try. You only need to send an email to and write a complains from HYIP programs that took your money.

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