Monday, October 29, 2012

Four pending withdrawals in profitclicking again

There is no improvement from the program profitclicking, withdrawals is still pending and don't know when they process it.

List about my withdrawals:

PAYMENT                       PROCESSOR                            STATUS
     1st                                   libertyreserve                   paid (6 days waiting)
     2nd                                 libertyreserve                  paid (23 days waiting)
     3rd                                  solidtrustpay                     paid (21 days waiting)

These are the following programs that I got paid today: ricanadfunds, ismadsincome, bensonunion (instant-waiting status), ifg-trading, avo and newgni (2x-Friday and Monday request). As for now both ismadsincome and ricanadfunds are my highly recommended for today.

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