Sunday, October 7, 2012

Copycat Programs for those successful programs

I received my daily income both ismadsincome and ricanadfunds. Tomorrow will be my withdrawal in the program called ismadsincome. I got paid today from eurextrade (instant) and ifg-trading. I joined copycat programs of justbeenpaid (profitclicking) but no investment. This is one of the program calle that they fast scam. There are many programs now using the name of those successful programs but the truth they are fast scams that's why I don't invest any dollar from those programs. The next is the copycat of royalty7 (scam for 7 months) called thebig5 which it is already in problem status (pending withdrawals). The program had the same script and admin of thebig5 lying that he is the admin of royalty7 (scam for 7 months) so that this program will also successful for many months. But now there are many complains about pending withdrawals from this program. This is my experience before when justbeenpaid (profitclicking) is good at year 2011, many programs from cycles and HYIP giving 2% daily for 75 days. In short, they are all copycat programs that trying to be successful for a year. Many people believe that copycat successful programs will reach more than three (3) months that's why if you join early you will win. And now there is a new program called, they giving bonus when you join and start for this program. But, in my own opinion this is only scam tactics so that people believe that they are paying for a long months or years. If you want to take a risk join early and invest, pull out your investment as much as possible.

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