Sunday, October 28, 2012

AVO back to paying status

Update news for October 27, 2012

Over 36 hours that I had no internet connection that's why its too late to post update.

After 24 hours that avo (avousa) website is down, it is now back to normal with paying status. I got paid yesterday 2x and today for few hours, hope this program will stay until month of December. The other programs that I got paid today: profitablesunrise, themoneygalaxy (instant), felmina, and newgni. Next month, four (4) programs will get 100% ROI (Return of Investment) that's why 99% of all my programs will be in profit. If they will not scam next month the remaining program will be uinvest which I will sell all my shares at the month of December so that I will left the profit and received 100% investment in this program.

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