Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pexpay and Bitcoin NEW Payment Processors

When you are in online world you need to have payment processors to start. These are the following payment processors that used everyday in all online business: paypal, payza (alertpay before), libertyreserve, solidtrustpay, perfectmoney, egopay and many more. But both these four (4) payment processors are successful in online world to used everyday. But for now there are many complains (bad reports, comments) for payment processors payza, libertyreserve and solidtrustpay. All these three (3) payment processors reported as SCAM because of problems that they will not fix it. Payza (alertpay) is very popular in all payment processors before because it can helps us to protect our money for all scam programs. If the programs became scam you can DISPUTE your transaction and if you win they will return some of your investment. But when alertpay became PAYZA they reported as SCAM because some members had problems in there deposits and withdrawals through bank wire. There transactions were successful but the money or dollar not received. Some deposited money through bank wire to have payza funds in there accounts but they not received. Others requested for withdrawal through bank wire but they did not received in there bank accounts. In libertyreserve, they reported also as SCAM processor because some big amounts there blocked accounts. They scheduled maintenance for a week but the problem is still there and not fix. Solidtrustpay is reported as SCAM because of suspending accounts. But there are some problems that the same as payza that they withdraw there money through bank wire but no received from there accounts.

For now there are two new payment processors, these are pexpay and bitcoin. Pexpay is started this few months and created my account for referral commission if they use it as deposit in the programs. These are the fees and charges for payment processor:

Personal Account: Free
Business Account: Free
Monthly Service: Free
Send Money: Free
Received Money: 1.99% + $0.24

Bank Wire: $10.00
ACH: $0.99
Check: $1.99

Bank Wire: $35.00
ACH: $4.99
Check: $4.99

Fore more information you can visit their website:

BITCOIN is also new payment processor that I received one of my HYIP program that they accept this type of payment processor. I explore the website and still learning for this type of payment processor. For more information you can visit their wesite: www.

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