Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to protect your payment processors accounts against hackers...

When you are in online world you need payment processors to make money. After that you must verify your payment processors accounts to credit cards / debit cards, bank account so that you can deposit and withdraw dollars in your payment processors. Other payment processors accept CHECK but there are charge fees depends from them. You must read there FAQ page to know there charge sending fees, receiving fees and withdrawal fees.

Hackers are those persons in online that they need to cheat, need easy money, liars, and many more. In other words, they are bad persons in the world. Those persons graduated by profession especially IT, Computer Engineer, Computer Programming, Computer Technology, and other courses about computers. They use softwares, phishing emails, spams, websites (copycat, editing, look-alike) and advertising from online programs. When I was newbie in online world, I received phishing emails. First, I received from the payza (alertpay before) that I need to verify my account again because it is already expired. I clicked the link and open in the same website called alertpay.com (payza now) but I did not log in to my account. I was confused for that situation before because my account is verified and I tried to google about that phishing email. Then I read some comments from the websites I found that it is phishing emails to hack payment processor accounts. After that I searched the word phishing email. then I found all the answers. That time I had social networking sites that you can post questions to make money so that other members can answer. In other words you can earn money by posting questions and answers in a social networking sites. I'm happy for that day because I'm not a victim of hackers. My 2nd experience from hackers is when I were using traffic exchanges. I searched one website that it said I won $12, 000, 000 in the lottery, you must need to log in your payment processor account to get the money. Before you claim the amount you need to spend some fees then log in your payment processor. At first I know this is scam because I received an email before when I was in college about nigerian people. They are nigerian girls and introduced there self. If you will reply from the email, then that's the time they will send other information about from them. After that they will upload pretty nigerian girls, then they have thousands of dollars to introduce from the email you received. Then if you are interested to claim the money they will send in your bank account or western union. But before you claim the money you must pay some amount of money that's why I did not continue for it because I have no money that time and I'm not interested. I doubt because they have thousands of dollars and I'm asking for refund the fees if they will send some money first in western union. Then after that the person didn't replied in my email anymore. That's the end of my conversation to a nigerian pretty girl. Lastly, there are many copycat website now that the same as payment processors website. In short edited but look alike from the website. If you missed one letter just like www.libertyreserveu.com or other letters, they are called copycat. The real website of LR is www.libertyreserve.com, no more no less. Libertyreserve payment processor is one of the worst because you will receive many phishing emails. They said in the email that they have new program to join, invest now. But the truth, this payment processor not sending any email except verification emails. Ignore all of them and delete it in your spam emails. My mother said don't talk to strangers. This is my opinion what you will do to protect your payment processors accounts.

How to protect your payment processors from hackers?
  1. You must have 2-3 emails (personal account, program account and dummy account).
  2. You must have 3 password (payment processor, program and dummy).
  3. At first you must create your payment processors and password, don't use it in your email password and those programs you joined. In short your password from your payment processors is different from all of them.
  4. Email password is also different from joining a program, they must be different.
  5. Don't use the email in your payment processor so that you can protect your payment processors account from phishing emails.
  6. Do not open all news update came from your payment processors especially when they came from spam emails, delete them all.
  7. When your using traffic exchange, there are some websites that you won a lottery and you need to log in your payment processors account. Ignore it all.
  8. If you join many programs to earn money online do not use your password in your payment processor. Admin said that password is not stored in the program but the truth they know the password you use.
  9. When posting payment proof in different payment processors, you must delete your information accounts and batch number. Hackers are interested if they see the information from your payment processors.
  10. When your done checking your payment processors, you must check if you are successfully log out. There is a change that your account will hack.
  11. If you use internet cafe / computer cafe to open your payment processors, you must check it if the computer have a key logger. All information are there what the people do in 24 hours. 
  12. Don't chat with a person that they sending software, they are hackers.
  13. If you received a download file, do not continue and install the software. The software is dangerous in your payment processors.
  14. Your password in your payment processors must be letters and numbers. Some people use period, exclamation and many more.
  15. Don't talk people in forums that they asking information about your payment processors, they are hackers.

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