Wednesday, September 12, 2012

For us hard times have come

This is the professional scam tricks that we received members from the admin of We received news update from the admin because the purchased plan is not credited the income for 3 days that's why they sent news update for all members. I received email for the following letter of admin:

For us hard times have come

I welcome you dear friends,
For us hard times have come. 
On 9/1/2012 Mr.Green, a member of our team has had an accident while riding on his motorcycle.
Our friend, and a brilliant programmer was only 28 years old. He has died after spending 2 days in the hospital. Only 2 hour ago we received the news about his death.
In this situation we hope you understand our condition. For the moment, we are cut off for technical reasons in email management with the server and our site, as all access to email was on his Black Berry phone.
Please do not be concerned about technical questions.
Now we have restored access to our site to the administration menu.
Access to payment systems has been restored.
Yet our post servers are not working at the moment because we are waiting for the restoration of all the passwords.
Also we are waiting on access to the support portal, it is not yet restored.
We will continue work in a normal mode until all is complete.

Thanks for understanding
September 03, 2012
The letter is very informative because one of the team had an accident. After 2 days in the hospital he died. So why could members say that this letter from admin is true? But at the end they scam members and the program is still running until now. In the Philippines, they called it word "drama". Members don't expect that they will scam after a week because after three (3) days they are back and paid for 3 days (no income). I withdraw all the money and received it for less than 5 hours. In the other day, they stop already the income of purchased plan that's why all members waiting for other updates of admin but no response already. I sent support ticket for all this problem but they don't reply anymore so it is a RED FLAG already. I won in this program because I joined early for 1st week of launch. I spent $190 for this program and finish 2x purchased plan. After the third plan I spent $150 because it is my profit already for the program. I won $37.16 for this program but the rest of my profits is lost. This is one of the scam tricks that I learned from the program kbso.

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